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The World's End
13 December 2010

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View From the Beach
31 October 2010

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Hull Paintings
13 October 2010

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Attention Seeker
26 July 2010

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The Endless Bar
7 December 2009

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Crooked Owl
1 December 2009

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Dance of the Dog
9 October 2009

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To The Up Trains
1 October 2009

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Boys of the Canyons
14 August 2009

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Crane Flies
22 June 2009

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Snack Food
17 January 2009

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Bleeding Rust
25 November 2008

Thumbnail image

Palace Remains
11 November 2008

Thumbnail image

Shooting Fish
1 February 2008

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Fast and Bulbless
25 May 2007

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Frontier Swimmer
oh excellente avec ces bandes

Gildas on Frontier Swimmer
Une image bien comosée de ce point de vue.

omid on Frontier Swimmer
:) very nice shot! such beautiful composition, colors & graphics! Amazing !!

Le Krop on I Walk the Lines
J'aime bien cette image.

Le Krop on Beach at Redpoint
Belle image !

L'Angevine on Wind break
bien ces lanternes

L'Angevine on Refinery

L'Angevine on Free from the city
bien agréable

L'Angevine on Holiday from the city

L'Angevine on Zodiac 10 amp
bien ces éléments

L'Angevine on Have a nice day

L'Angevine on Fog On La Manche
intéressante brume

Le Krop on Dog Walk
C'est vrai, c'est original. Et bien fait !

L'Angevine on Dog Walk

L'Angevine on One-Hand Juggle
superbe cette couleur du sable

L'Angevine on Barefoot, Red Shoes
belle plongée

Tony on Barefoot, Red Shoes
Great image and well spotted, beautifully minimalist.

beach on Barefoot, Red Shoes
Love the space in this one.

Anne on Barefoot, Red Shoes

Lulette on Barefoot, Red Shoes
Splendid, so simple and effective !

Le Krop on Do you like rock and roll?
Happy new year !

Le Krop on Do you like rock and roll?
Yes ! :-) And this picture, too !

L'Angevine on Do you like rock and roll?
intéressant on Hen and Chickens
Where's the hen? on The Neighbours Downstairs
Good decorator needed

L'Angevine on Angela, so much to answer for

L'Angevine on Before We Begin

L'Angevine on The Neighbours Downstairs

Urszula on The Neighbours Downstairs
Good drink, good food, good times and good neighborhood :))).

L'Angevine on Dog Walk

Le Krop on The Neighbours Downstairs
Good cat, too ! :-)

estel on The Neighbours Downstairs

Shaahin Bahremand on Dog Walk
good shot

L'angevine on Victorian Terrace

L'Angevine on Georgian Backsides
ah danger d'aller à l'école car pétrole

Le Krop on Germany to Starboard
La lecture fait voyager en restant dans sa chambre ! (Et une photo où il y a des livres est pour moi toujours ...

L'Angevine on Germany to Starboard

L'Angevine on Odd Couple

beach on Odd Couple
unusual perspective. And it works!!

L'Angevine on Bottle Washing

Le Krop on Odd Couple
Ah ! Intéressant !

Linda on Leaf in Suspension
I know that bear's garden.

L'Angevine on Legionary

L'Angevine on Ark of the Corner

beach on Ark of the Corner
Very nice. Looks like it was stashed in the back of the church.

Gemma Wiseman on Ark of the Corner
Children's art should be given a scared space. Lovely idea.

L'Angevine on It's All Too Much

L'Angevine on Rolling Kingdom

Josep on Castle Approach
Superb low perpspective ! Nice composition.

Shaahin Bahremand on Rolling Kingdom
excellent shot

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